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Welcome to Nordic Shirts

Our mission is to supply our customers with tailormade shirts with
Scandinavian design. Our unique shirt designer makes it possible for
you to create your very own shirt at a fraction of the high street price
of a tailormade shirt.

Every customer is unique and so should your shirt be. At Nordic Shirts
you design your own shirt and we produce it according to your own
measurements and design.

Seeing is believing. Not until you are wearing the shirt will you know
if you are entirely happy with the product. Let us know what you think.
We will work very hard to ensure that you are satisfied.
Our mission is that the cost of a shirt should never exceed £50 regardless
of fabric or design.

How is it possible?

Fabric and sewing are by far the most important factors for a quality shirt.
Hence, Nordic Shirts only uses Egyptian cotton fabrics or an equivalent. We
are working together with a well established tailor who specialises in tailormade
 shirts. Orders are sent straight to the tailor where they are processed
according to our high quality standards.
High street brands have expensive retail stores and staff. We have the opposite.
No expensive stores, no sales people.
We dedicate all of our energy to design and quality.